New Ophthalmic Wooden Lens Frames "Opti-K" 2020

New Ophthalmic Wooden Lens Frames "Opti-K" 2020

After months of work, we are very excited to present you our new “Madera Lab OptiK 2020” collection of Bamboo and Wood ophthalmic lenses for graduation in Mexico. These new optical glasses with magnification have a very original and fine design (simple or Clip-on).

To make these handmade frames, we have used several types of local and exotic wood: Walnut, Maple, Bamboo, Rosewood, Kassod, Oak, Cherry, etc. Obviously, we always use wood from new forests, specially developed for this purpose. Wood is a renewable resource and to produce these glasses, the amount of wood needed is very small.

The cases are made from recycled cork to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum.

We invite you to review our “Optics” section at www.maderalab.com . We offer a complete prescription service for all eyes: Standard, Premium Crizal®, polarized Xperio® By Essilor, progressive Varilux®, Signature Gen8® Transition with a very wide price range for all budgets.

Also, you can add special protections to your graduated lenses: anti-scratch, anti-reflective film, anti-dust film, hydrophobic film, anti-fingerprint, protection against UV Ultra Violet rays and against blue light.

Simply select your wooden frame, your lenses, the prescription and protection required online, send us your ophthalmic prescription and we will take care of everything until you receive your wooden prescription lenses at your home.

These eco-friendly lenses adapt to all common vision problems such as myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. They can be mono-focal or bi-focal (Progressive).

Because we do not have a physical store, we can offer very competitive prices for this type of luxury product. We consider that in Mexico, the price of prescription ophthalmic lenses is very expensive. For this reason, we always work to offer the best price in Mexico.

We deliver to all of Mexico with DHL in a few days.

The best and most beautiful wooden frames, the best lenses on the market, the best Express delivery service in Mexico, excellent customer service always available. So we will continue forward.

If you have questions, talk to us!!!

The Madera Lab Team

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