Wooden lenses and sustainable consumption. Is it possible?

Wooden lenses and sustainable consumption. Is it possible?

Plastic is a source of remaining pollution, meaning its impact on the environment is long-lasting. By degrading into micro particles, it accumulates in ecosystems and affects the entire biological cycle until it ends up on our plate. Madera Lab sunglasses, made from different woods such as bamboo, teak, cherry and walnut, were designed with the purpose of reducing this impact. Our philosophy is to offer high quality sunglasses, made from noble materials. They are polarized and have UV 400 protection, which protects against the sun's harmful rays. So Madera Lab sunglasses, in addition to their unique styles, offer unparalleled quality and comfort.

Sunglasses have always been a fashion accessory that everyone chooses according to their identity, taste and style. By choosing bamboo or wooden sunglasses, you choose a new way of responsible consumption.

Sometimes we are told that offering wooden lenses encourages deforestation. To answer that, two main factors must be considered.

First, wood is a renewable material, which means that, with a responsible control policy, the resources are theoretically unlimited. With a single tree, we produce lenses for an entire year's collection. In addition, the bamboo used to make the cases comes from plantations cultivated especially for this purpose. Bamboo is a very fast growing plant and is grown within controlled farms. When it reaches its optimal size, it is cut and immediately replanted for the next harvest.

On the contrary, the industrial materials that are used to manufacture most of the objects we use daily (Plastic and derivatives) have a very long useful life and are preserved for years or centuries, increasing the mass of waste in the world.

That's why we believe that wood products are part of the solution. You just have to manage them carefully with a sustainable philosophy. Use what is necessary, only what is necessary.

Likewise, your wooden sunglasses give you an original style and reduce your impact on the earth. Style and sustainability are not incompatible. On the contrary!

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